Know School is a new way of learning that is like no school you’ve ever seen.

My goal is to help students get educated without the need for attending a public or private school, either in-person or online. I support students throughout their learning by inspiring them to become self-directed learners. As a certified and experienced teacher, I offer coaching to parents who need help starting home-based education for their families.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or just need some assistance, I will meet with you and your family to help you make the most of home-based education.

I can create customized lessons and units that meet the specific needs of your family. These materials can target the learning styles and interests of each individual child.

Know School offers group classes and individual instruction in a variety of subject areas including visual and dramatic arts, music, and physical education.

Our Mission

Know School’s goal is to create a habit of lifelong learning where students feel confident and able to acquire new ideas and skills as they go through life. We want them to believe in themselves and their abilities, work with real problems, be constantly challenged, and not feel overwhelmed. We assist parents in teaching their children to be self-motivated while feeling a sense of responsibility for their direction in life.