A Large Rock Is Better Than a Playground

We don’t normally play on the rock that sits close to the playground equipment. I don’t even sit on it like some parents do. I bring a blanket and set out some toys and books on it. Blanket time at the park is one of my favourite parts of our day. I will be writing about that later this week.

Today, I wanted to share a story of what happened this weekend. I was laying down reading a book when my toddler got up off the blanket and started running around. I let him wander off and watched to see where he would go. He went over to the rock and climbed up.

I’ve helped him up here a few times. This was the first time he tried it all by himself. He seemed to love being up there as he looked around at the duck pond and started doing his excited dance. I didn’t rush over there. I stayed on the blanket and watched him happily playing by himself.

He got up and down a few times. He came back to the blanket to grab a different toy and soon he was crashing his trains into the small puddle you can see at the top left of the rock.

He found a large leaf on the ground and ran around with it. He was having a grand time and didn’t even go to the playground structure or slides. Nature and this rock kept him entertained for quite some time.

Children need to have time in the great outdoors. I need it too. That’s why we walk to this park almost every single day. We play on the structure but we also wander around the pond, look at the ducks and geese, and try to get close to the great blue heron and white egret who sometimes visit as well. My son picks up acorns and feathers and gets to explore.

It was a cool day but we didn’t seem to mind. Nature was our playground today. I had some leisurely time to read and my son had a blast playing by himself. Then we played together on the blanket and the equipment. It was the best part of my entire day.