The Wiggles Are Amazing! (Canadian Tour Highlights)

My son is a huge fan of The Wiggles. He has books, toys, DVDs, CDs, and even a Lachy Wiggle costume. He could barely control his excitement at seeing them live in concert last week. It was absolutely incredible to see.

We all dressed up for the show in our Wiggle outfits. His mom was dressed in a yellow skivvy, I was in a red one, and he was donned his purple one.

Before the show started, we were able to walk right up to the stage. I saw this setlist taped to the floor and snapped a picture.

It was a great concert. We all sang along, jumped up and down, and did the actions to the songs, My son enjoyed every single minute. When it was over, he said, “Again!”

I thought, why not? I knew The Wiggles had a show in two days that was only a short car trip from us. So we made a poster, bought tickets, and donned our outfits again for a second show.

We had balcony seats for the second show but The Wiggles saw our poster from the stage. Anthony pointed up at it and announced it to the audience.

From watching the live performance DVDs and videos, we knew that they came around to collect the artwork, posters, and flowers that audience members bring to their shows. My son got to meet the new blue Wiggle, Lucia. And they got to see out artwork up close and add it to their collection. My son was over the moon.

I posted about it on social media and the official Wiggles account liked it and Caterina Wiggle, the new red one, commented a heart. It was pretty cool to see that too.

Each show also had a completely different backdrop. I’m not sure why.

It was an hour-long show, which is probably a good length for most kids and families. I know we wanted to see more. And we did.

Thank you, Wiggles! You guys are amazing and made our week very special!